The composition of a biocompatible synthetic joint lubricant

Noltrex®Vet is a synthetic, inert and biocompatible, non-soluble hydrogel. The sterile, highly viscous polymer gel has a high molecular mass of approximately 10x106 Daltons. It is delivered in a prefilled 2.5 ml sterile, single-use, disposable syringe. The acrylamide polymer is crosslinked in an aqueous medium to ensure consistency of the link intervals. Noltrex®Vet was designed to mirror the viscoelastic and lubricating properties of synovial fluid, while the silver ions embedded within the polymer help to maintain the sterility of the implant.

The product is comprised of:

  • 3-dimensional polyacrylamide: 4.0%
  • Purified water: 96%
  • Silver ions: 0.0001 – 0.0025%

The function of Noltrex®Vet

Noltrex®Vet (4.0% Polyacrylamide) is a highly viscous, non-soluble, synthetic hydrogel for intra-articular injection. The hydrostatic pressure inside the joint presses the gel up against the inner linings of the joint where it forms a fine, lubricating film. By restoring functional joint lubrication, Noltrex®Vet reduces friction and physically protects the joint from the adverse effects of overuse which leads to inflammation and pain.

  • Replicates physical properties of synovial fluid

    The viscoelastic properties of this hydrogel are very similar to that of endogenous synovial fluid.

  • Mechanically breaks down

    The material is slowly, mechanically broken down into smaller pieces which are eventually removed from the joint space by phagocytizing synoviocytes.

  • It is inert

    Beyond a mild, transient proinflammatory reaction common with routine intra-articular injections, polyacrylamide is not known to cause serious adverse effects. In animal models, even the administration of very large doses resulted in no adverse effects.

  • Acts as a lubricant

    Polyacrylamide gel acts as a lubricant which substitutes for the viscoelastic properties of compromised synovial fluid and thus mechanically protects the joint.

  • Addresses a major source of sore joints

    By mechanically protecting the joint and reducing friction, Noltrex®Vet mitigates the root cause of sore joints.

  • Implant Sterility

    Silver ions are embedded within the gel to maintain sterility of the implant.

  • 100% Synthetic

    No animal products are used in the manufacture of Noltrex®Vet.