Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. This starts with identifying and validating emerging technologies that add value to the practice of equine medicine. Every client counts, big or small, and we strive to deliver professional and friendly service at all times.

We are a family-owned business unbeholden to venture capitalists or investors. We have the ability to run the business on the very principles on which it was founded: providing the best products, at affordable prices, with the guidance and support required for success. That’s one of the reasons we employ in-house medical professionals who support our customers, and also guide our day to day Operations.

We’re proud to offer a variety of solutions:

A new point of attack for equine osteoarthritis, NOLTREX®VET is a 100% synthetic hydrogel (polyacrylamide) for intra-articular injection for joint pain management. It addresses a root cause of joint pain by reducing friction – providing protection to the joint surfaces, unlike products that simply mask symptoms such as inflammation and pain.

Hear more about what Veterinarians are saying about Noltrex®Vet click here for testimonials.

The NeoVet is the first and only shock wave system to feature a RADICALLY NEW therapy head design, specifically for use in equine sports medicine. The NeoVet is a new equine shock wave system built on 20 years of veterinary industry experience. It is the first shock wave device designed specifically for equine veterinarians. The new development focused on improving clinical effectiveness, usability, portability and value. Twice as powerful as old electro-hydraulic focused devices, this smaller, portable device is trusted by top veterinarians.

Want superior endoscope image quality in the palm of your hands? MedView DV Pro is setting new standards for mobile practice. Patient data and chip numbers are directly stored on the image ensuring secure medical record standards. Other key features include high definition images and video, split screen software, Microchip reader compatibility and ID Watermark. All in the palm of your hand.