Does your horse have the protection it deserves?

For next-gen joint lubrication with effects that last, try Noltrex®Vet.

  • Noltrex®Vet is NOT a drug
  • Fewer injections reduces the risk of complications from repeated injections
  • Noltrex®Vet is reabsorbed safely by your horse’s body, leaving no residue
  • Any joint can potentially benefit from Noltrex®Vet
  • Noltrex has been used in over 1 million humans and Noltrex®Vet has been safely used in horses, in the USA, for over four years
  • Noltrex®Vet is sold only to licensed Vets

Hear from the Experts

Dr. Leah Patipa and Dr. Axel Beccar-Varela

Paddock Equine Veterinary Services, Wellington Florida

Shannon Dueck

Dueck Dressage, Loxahatchee, Florida

Quentin Judge

Double H. Farms, Wellington, Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Craig T. Roberts, Veterinary Director for Nucleus ProVets answers your questions about Noltrex®Vet. Click on a link below to explore his answers or click here to download a pdf version.

Ask your Vet if Noltrex®Vet is right for your horse.