Next-generation joint care for long-term joint health

Horses lead active and hard-working lives, and their joints are often the first to suffer, leading to stiffness, pain and lameness. Equine arthritis is the number one threat to a horse’s joint health, and is often challenging to manage long-term. Current joint therapies often only provide short-term relief, leading to frequent re-injections, increased supplement and drug intake, or prolonged periods of pain. Noltrex®Vet is a synthetic joint lubricant that remains in the horse’s joint longer than commonly used drugs or supplements and thus provides prolonged relief from friction. Noltrex®Vet remains in the joint much longer because it is not subject to enzymatic breakdown or metabolized.  It is mechanically broken down and removed from the body much like other bioresorbable implants.

Innovative hydrogel provides sustained lubrication

Overuse and age can affect the quality and function of synovial fluid and thus compromise normal biologic joint lubrication. By mechanically protecting the joint and reducing friction, Noltrex®Vet mitigates a root cause of sore joints. The polyacrylamide hydrogel contained in Noltrex®Vet mimics the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid and provides a synthetic joint lubrication. This does not lead to the formation of any new chemical molecules, does not alter the biologic interaction of the synovial fluid or mediate a bodily response. Reduction of pain and/or inflammation are secondary effects resulting from improved joint lubrication.

Noltrex®Vet Synthetic Joint Lubricant—safe, reliable, and effective

Learn more about Noltrex®Vet’s proprietary composition, review current studies, and read veterinarian and owner testimonials to find out more about how Noltrex®Vet can help your horses today!

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