Noltrex®Vet Testimonial – Dr. Axel Beccar Varela MV, DACVS-LA and Dr. Leah Patipa DVM

Case 1

This 9-year-old warmblood was tricky to treat.

He has pyloric and gastric ulcers so we did not want to inject him with any corticosteroids.  The horse had been blocked and based on our blocking pattern we initially injected with autologous protein solution which did not last very long prior to trying Noltrex®Vet.  Radiographs of this horse’s front feet revealed thin soles with low heels and bilaterally his frogs were prolapsed.  A slight negative palmar angle was noted as well. This can contribute to coffin joint stress. Once the front end was addressed, 2/5 lameness was noted in his right hind.  His medial femorotibial joint was blocked due to effusion being noted in that joint. The right hind stifle and both front coffin joints were treated.

He was re-examined 14 days post injection and was 100% sound.   It is now 6 months since the initial injection and the horse continues to be sound and show competitively.

Case 2

This 22-year-old warmblood retired hunter is actively ridden for pleasure daily.  We were called in as a second opinion since the horse was two weeks out from coffin joint injections with steroids and HA,  and he was still 4/5 lame in the left front and 3/5 lame in his right hind.

Initially I ruled out sepsis and re-blocked him since I was not the vet who had seen him before.  He blocked to his coffin joint up front but I was reluctant to introduce anything else into that joint due to the time of his injections. I treated him with Osphos and a loading dose of Adequan but after 6-weeks there was little improvement. He was re-blocked with the same results. I began treatment with Noltrex®Vet.  At his 21 day check he was 1/5 in a straight line on the left front, negative to distal limb flexion.  His right hind remained his most evident issue which blocked to his tarsometatarsal joint and distal intertarsal joint.  I re-injected with Noltrex®Vet at day 30.  On the 45 day recheck he was sound on baselines and flexions.  He went back up north and was sound all summer. 

One year after his initial Noltrex®Vet treatment he presented 3/5 lame on both the left front and right hind so we retreated with Noltrex®Vet.  At 45 days he was sound under saddle in both direction.  He has been amazing since.  Now he is back in Maryland, still sound, and his owner is thrilled.