A new injectable

for equine joint degeneration

Hard work and hard play are hard on horses’ joints. And degeneration of the joints (or equine arthritis) is one of the most common conditions that affect horses. When left untreated, equine joint degeneration can lead to severely hindered movement and even lameness.

Arthritis is a progressive deterioration or erosion of the articular cartilage. In horses, this is seen most frequently in the fetlock, carpus, and hock. Current equine veterinary medicine arthritis options include, anti-inflammatory drugs, joint supplements, biologics (e.g. stem cells), and other joint injection therapies such as IRAP. Noltrex®Vet is a novel injectable hydrogel that provides a direct lubrication substitute for compromised joints.

Our solution

for compromised joint lubrication

Noltrex®Vet is a new approach to maintaining or re-establishing healthy joint lubrication in horses. Other products, such as hyaluronic acid, act to supplement the endrogenous production of synovial fluid, the body’s natural lubricant. The supplementation of low levels of hyaluronic acid promotes the natural production of healthy synovial fluid.

Noltrex®Vet is a synthetic hydrogel that provides a direct lubrication substitute for compromised joint lubrication. It is designed to mimic the physical properties of synovial fluid and provides an additional layer of joint protection where it acts as a boundary lubricant. The product remains in the joint for many weeks and is eventually broken-down and removed from the body.

Two viscous

hydrogels that are not the same

Hyaluronic acid and Noltrex®Vet polyacrylamide are both viscous hydrogels – but that’s where the similarities end.

Hyaluronic acid is a critical biologic component of synovial fluid, the body’s natural joint lubricant. Treatment with hyaluronic acid is intended to supplement this critical element, and promote the production of normal, endogenous synovial fluid. Other effects of hyaluronic acid include the induction of proteoglycans, regulation of cellular function, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Noltrex®Vet polyacrylamide is a synthetic, non-soluble hydrogel that is a lubricant and does not need to be metabolized to have an effect. It is a substitute for the compromised synovial fluid to improve joint function.

Therefore, hyaluronic acid is a visco-supplement that stimulates the endogenous production of lubricating fluids whereas Noltrex®Vet acts as an exogenous, synthetic visco-substitute.

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